Alan and Yacine invited the Royal Engineers to come and fish their New lake for free while taking some well earned leave. What a week it was and it is the up and coming venue in the future.

Between 4 of us over 40 carp were caught. This video follows myself and due to an illness one of guys couldn’t attend so I was allowed to invite my dad along to join me. Which was great as it’s difficult to spend quality time with parents when you have children of your own. Enough said on that.

1 X 40 was caught and this was followed up by plenty of 30’s and 20’s and 4 mid doubles. The lake itself is 4.4 aches holding around 300 carp. 100 originals, 150 were stocked at Christmas and while fishing the venue another 35-40 fish were added to the lake. The venue will have a cabin with electricity, showers, toilet and kitchen. On our visit though it was a drive a survive but I wouldn’t have it any other way. As the main town Soisson was only 5 minutes down the road we were never without the essentials. Also Alan and Yacine were on call and couldn’t do enough for us.

I hope you enjoy the video and I highly recommend the venue. If you are interested please click the link

All hooks and Tungsten products were Duo Tackle products. You can find us on Facebook with our online store. Just drop us a message sometime.

Massive thank you to Alan and Yacine and for your support for the Armed forces.


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